Thank You for your interest in products manufactured and sold by Motorvation Engineering. To us, our Customer is the most important person. We will provide as much information and personal counseling as you need while you're making the decision to purchase. Then we will build as fine a product as possible after you've made the decision to purchase from us. Finally we will provide you the best possible instructions and service after you've received your sidecar or trailer. With this as our goal, let me tell you a little about Motorvation Engineering.

First of all, what we do is manufacture the finest sidecars and cargo trailers for motorcycles you can buy from any source. We also specialize in designing individual lines of products uniquely styled for different aspects of the market place. Our Grand National trailer line is perfect for the Harley Davidson owner because of the painstaking attention to detail in matching the Harley style. This line of trailer fulfills all of the styling requirements to match the unique look of the great American motorcycle. This same principle applies to the Wing Liner trailer which matches the modern touring look of the Honda GL1500, as well as the Back Pack Royale carrying the theme of the earlier more traditional look of the Japanese touring bike. We take the same approach with our lines of sidecars. The SPYDER sidecar offers you the choice of many different fender and tail light combinations custom designed to match your motorcycle. Motorvation provides the specific mounting hardware required for your motorcycle frame (we do not use the one size frame clamp fits all approach). Our Formula II and Roadster Royale sidecars provide room for two people. These models combine state of the art touring technology, and the smoothest most comfortable ride of any sidecar.

The product is only as good as the people who produce it, and this is another area where we really excel. After 15 years of manufacturing in Southern California, we moved the entire operation to Sibley, Iowa. Sibley is in the north west corner of the state,18 miles south of Worthington, MN and 60 miles east of Sioux Falls, SD. Having moved here, we have acquired the best collection of master craftsmen that we have ever had. Our painter, produces the finest show quality paint jobs in our industry. Gary Greene, with his 25 years of sidecar installations, can either install your sidecar at our facility, or answer any technical questions you might have while you are installing it at home (we also have photo mount sheets and videos showing how to install your sidecar). We also can provide a trailer hitch for most any motorcycle. For the best in customer relations and helpful follow through, all you need to do is ask for any of our sales and service representative. We are unique in as much as we produce the vast majority of the product components in-house utilizing our complete machine shop, welding shop, upholstery department, crating shop along with assembly and service. The crew here shows what the made in the U.S.A. small town, mid-western quality work ethic can produce.


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