Dr. Steven Fertig's HAWG TAIL

Dr. Steven Fertig wrote to us on July 1, 1996. He said:

Kindly pass on to all those involved with the design, engineering and fabrication of my Grand National trailer my sincere thanks for a job "WELL DONE!" The fit, finish and appearance are second to none. Especially impressive was the FLAWLESS paint job. It is rare not to find a blemish or dust particle somewhere, but not on the Grand National.

I've just completed a 2,000 mile trip with the trailer in tow and had to remember it was behind me. It handled some of the worst roads and weather conditions with ease. Positive comments from other fellow bikers abounded with HAWG riders loving the fenders and associated trim.

Motorvation Engineering should be proud of the Grand National. It is a SUPERB PRODUCT!

WE do try hard to build the best we can. It's great when our owners take a moment to relay this kind of feed back to us....


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