Harley Evo FHL/FLT Mounts

All the Evo 5 speed frames on the FLH/FLT models require a special mounting subframe for the safest and strongest sidecar mounts. This subframe also allows our sidecars to be mounted much further to the rear of the motorcycle than any other big twin FLH/FLT mounting set up we ave ever seen. Mounting the sidecar toward the rear, in relation to the motorcycle, makes a better handling rig. The weight is taken off the front end of the motorcycle for easier steering. The rig also turns to the right easier since the rear wheel of the motorcycle is more in line with the sidecar wheel. The farther forward the sidecar wheel is located, the more it scrubs when you turn to the right. This is especially critical with large, touring sidecars such as our Formula II sidecar.

Mount Photo
This is an over all view of the subframe with the sidecar mounted. Note that the lower front, the lower rear and the upper rear mounts all attach directly to the subframe and not the motorcycle

Mount Photo
This shows the special floor board attachment and the upper rear clevis connection

Mount Photo

This shows the position for the upper front mount clamp

Click here
for a diagram of the subframe and details on installing it to the motorcycle
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