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The Spyder sidecar is the best looking traditionally styled sidecar you can buy. The Spyder is unique. It doesn't look like any other sidecar and it's not built like any other sidecar either. The Spyder is constructed with a fiberglass and steel plate laminate monocoque chassis. There is no external frame to get in the way of the clean look of a Spyder Sidecar. This chassis design makes the Spyder incredibly strong and durable, resulting in a really SAFE sidecar to ride in.

The base weight of a Spyder is 190 pounds making it a good match for bikes as small as 500cc. The over all body length is 75" with 52" of leg room. The width of the Spyder is 35" with the fender and wheel. The cockpit opening is about 25" by 20". All the Spyder sidecars come with a fully finished, upholstered interior and a contoured seat. The padded side panels even have handy pockets built right into them. The rear locking trunk has about 3.5 cu. ft of secure storage and can be fitted with the optional 5 gallon fuel system.

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The Spyder is all about solid engineering and lots of choices. The Spyder suspension is a trailing swing arm with a Progressive Suspension Magnumatic adjustable air/spring shock. Wheel and Fender Choices are up to you. The standards on the Spyder T-1 are a chrome wire spoke wheel with a bolt on the body fender. The Spyder HD comes with a Harley style fender. Custom wheel options include factory Harley mags and after market custom wheels. Fender options for the Spyder include a FLH, FX, Bob Tail and Duck Tail Harley style fenders with five different tail light choices too. The BMW riders will love the Stibe style fender option. At Motorvation we believe "How and you be happy if you don't have choices to make?" We give you lots of choices to customize your Spyder sidecar just the way you want it.

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