The Formula II and Roadster Royale Sidecar Information

The Formula II is the sidecar that started it all when it comes to a two passenger sidecar that looks good and handles great too. The Formula II was first sidecar to have an independent sidecar brake and a trim adjuster so it won't pull to the right even with a passenger, in a head wind going up hill. The Formula II and it's high tech sidecar innovations has been imitated the world over, but never matched.

The Formula II has a sturdy external square tube ladder frame platform. The exclusive trailing swing arm, adjustable torsion bar suspension gives the Formula II a comfortable ride that rivals many luxury cars. This large sidecar will seat someone who is over 6 feet tall and weighing over 250 pounds in comfort,. The Formula II can handle up to three small children, or accommodate two teenage kids. There is almost 5 cubic feet of storage behind the seat, and when you add the rear chrome fold down luggage rack, you can really "Take it all with you". The folding bench seat removes so all the space can be used for cargo or even sleeping. The optional front access "Flip Nose" option makes the Formula II the easiest sidecar to get into and out of anywhere.

Formula II Front Access opening up (6 photo series)

The options for the Formula II include a stylish convertible top with enough head room to wear a helmet inside. A choice of a 4 gallon or 10 fuel system will give you added range to tour places where other sidecar rigs may fear to go. Whether your Formula II is a basic standard or fully customized and "Dressed Out", it's no Plain Jane. It looks as good on a GL 1500 as it does on a Harley Heritage Softail.

The Roadster Royale sidecar is the more traditional style large sidecar from Motorvation. The Roadster is a proven sidecar with a heritage that dates back 20 years. The new Roadsters share the frame and running gear technology of the Formula II. The Roadster is a little shorter than the Formula and has a safety glass front windscreen built in, instead of the bolt on Lexan windscreen featured on the Formula II. Both the Roadster Royale and the Formula II bodies are made from hand laid, marine quality fiberglass for durability and safety. The Roadster offers fender and wheel options like the Spyder sidecar does. Want the mag wheel to match your Harley wheel? No problem with a Roadster Royale sidecar. Of course the electric lean, sidecar brake and convertible top are all available for the Roadster Royale. If you need a large sidecar with traditional style, the Roadster Royale is "The Way to Go".

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